DeAnna King


When I’m not working, I enjoy reading about history, and every Friday, my son and I go to the local high school football games.

People describe me as innovative, assertive, personable, and passionate about my family, friends, and work. I graduated from Florida A&M University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in International Agriculture and Business.

In 2010, I was hired at Paychex and was introduced to the core concepts of operations management. Eight months later, I was promoted to the tax department while going to school for my Masters in Business Administration. As a tax specialist, I handled state unemployment insurance and 940/941 forms for our clients across the United States.

In November of 2013, I was hired as the Allocation Specialist for Manatee County School District. I continually track and manage positions by creating a total staffing plan that compares and contrasts fiscal years and assists with forecasting.

As I sharpened my skills, I decided to establish my human resource credibility by sitting for the Society Human Resource Management Certified Professional certification. With this achievement, I was able to show that I mastered the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge. From there, I decided to embark on entrepreneurship and start King HR Services, which is based out of Bradenton, Fl.

Years of experience have taught me to always make your business success my priority. King HR Services believes that every day is an opportunity for growth, and we are empowered by going above and beyond what’s expected. We focus on what matters and know that for even the most difficult challenges, there is a solution, and we will deliver the solution efficiently!

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